Student Feedback

Sabeehah Dawgie (Full Time Makeup Artistry)

It was such a warm and lovely environment, I made friends for a lifetime this year. learnt so much. The laughs and fun were endless. I loved the fact that you are taken and accepted the way you come ‘vibe that was given off by everyone this year.
I huge shout out to my teacher and mentor, Tristyn, for believing in me and teaching me all I know. For catching my tears when I thought I couldn.t do it.
A massive thank you to Clarissa for pushing my boundaries. Making me believe that it’s okay to try and fail – you learn from your mistakes. For staying later with me and giving me amazing photos.
There will never be enough thank you’s to express how thankful I am to the both of you. Even though I had no idea what I was doing most of the time, you still supported me. The constructive criticism and tips have helped me way more than you know. I love you both.
Thank you Paula for always making me feel like I will always have a place at Getpix. For always motivating and admiring my work. For always being soft with me and taking amazing photos fir me. And thank you for sweet talking my mother into letting me go here.
I thoroughly enjoyed my 2018. And I’m glad I could a form of entertainment sometimes. I am grateful for everyone who made my experience at Getpix a memorable one.
I will def be back to visit.


Samantha Proctor Golding (Full Time Photography)

My year at Getpix was amazing. I learnt so much and gained so much.
The environment was always exciting, creative and upbeat. I know I will always be where I am because of Getpix. Have fun for the years ahead.


Charne Swart (Full Time Photography)

Dear Paula and Clarissa
Photography isn't a hobby it's passion for doing something you love and to show the world the things they don't see every day.
This was a career I always wanted to do and to make it happen it's like a dream come true with a little bit of love, care and support from Getpix
Thank you so much for always helping out and being there for us and helping us to improve our work and always giving our best.
Getpix is the place where 've learned to be out of my comfort zone and to clash with friends that left a mark in my heart.
This is the place – it felt like a second home. To stay late in the evenings to play uno or monopoly or just fun Friday playing with water balloons. This is where u don't need to be perfect just being yourself and everyone will still love you .
To friends that will last forever and Instructors that will help out and give us a push into the future.
You all will be missed
Will visit soon x


Tumisangs Family (Full Time Graphic Design)

Keep on doing the good work. We thank you for the good work and relationship with the students.
Ndumiso’s Mom (Full Time Sound Engineering)
2018 my year of supernatural and excellency. Thank you so much Paula for accepting your calling of taking your love of education and passing it onto our children. Because of Getpix today, I know where the passion of my Son Ndumiso lies…..keep up the good work and stay blessed.


Pinky (Full Time Sound Engineering - Parent)

Thank you very much to all of the teachers of Getpix. Our children have learnt a lot from you guys. Hope you keep up the good work and hope our children can also get a job.


Photographic Instructor Tony commented:

2018 excellent year. Well done everyone!!! Keep up the good work, shoot with your heart and keep the passion alive. Remember: It only matters if you like the photos.


Mrs Bev Proctor-Golding (Full Time Photography - Parent)

Hi Paula
It has been a pleasure dealing with Getpix this year, the content of the course and related tasks stretched Sam in many aspects, and has definitely equipped her to take on new opportunities that have come her way.
Thank-you for pushing her the way you did and constantly exposing her to the various photo shoot opportunities, there is no doubt that the whole experience has been life changing for her, building her confidence and knowledge to now pursue a career that she is very passionate about.


Mel (Full Time Makeup Artistry – Parent)

Hello Paula,
You have managed to cover a wide field, within a relatively short period of time. With Monica's endurance in mind, it has worked for us. I have seen it takes a lot to keep a small educational institution going, from many perspectives and not least interpersonally. I realize that the margins on the fees you charge are not excessive given the level of attention to individuals, and as such I regard it as decent value for money. Thanks again for the effort from your team's side.


Neo Maifo (Full Time Graphic Design – Parent)

GETPIX was amazing and surprised me at the same time, We hope the college will produce more students for the better future, because education is a key to success.


Sonette Bekker (Beginners Photography)

I loved the Portrait, landscape and After Dark practical sessions. Thank you so much, I learnt a lot and still want to learn more. You were Excellent Byron.


Mike (Beginners Photography)

Byrons knowledge was awesome thanks .The practical stuff really got me going.. Can we have twice as many muffins on the next course !


Nashaat (Beginners Photography)

Every part of the course was highly enjoyable and was worth the experience at Getpix. I was a bit confused between shutter speed and F/Stop , but understood after a bit of practice. I would recommend and would do it again.
Byron was 5 stars and highly enthusiastic as well as his humorous personality.


Zakir Husain Shaikh (InDesign Course)

I thoroughly enjoyed making my magazine cover. I completed all of the sections over the 4 lessons. Miss Robynne was a very nice, knowledgeable instructor at Getpix.


Vivienne Murrray (Lightroom Course)

The actual examples and practical test really helped me to consolidate what we learnt. Thank you Paula for the clear and concise instructions and endless patience.


Leigh Reynolds (Lightroom Course)

Great training, it will be very helpful. Thank you. Loved the training and appreciate all of your help and enthusiasm.


John Roux (Lightroom Course)

You are born teacher Paula. The course was great – thanks so much!!


Ron Reynolds (Lightroom Course)

I enjoyed the interaction with Paula and the others on course. Thank you for your enthusiasm.


Glynis (Beginners Photography)

My Beginners Photography course was well presented and my instructor Suzanne she is very knowledgably. Going out to do my homework and meeting new people was the best. I got valuable feedback from my submitted photos.


Irene (Beginners Photography)

I loved the learning . Suzanne was great and I leant a lot. The whole Getpix experience was amazing.


Riaan Sadie (Client Feedback - Photoshoot)

Good morning Clarissa,
Thank you very much for the pictures and your mail! It was a real pleasure having your students at our Dealership.
I think you have some very talented students with great potential going forward!
I wish each and every one of them only the best in their choice of career in photography, looks awesome...keep up the good work!!


Alyssa Dry (Beginner's Photography June)

Roland is an excellent instructor who was prepared and willing to help. Being able to practise what we learnt in class with the instructor to guide us was what I enjoyed the most.


Zintene (Beginner's Photography June)

Rowland is an enthusiastic instructor who has inspired me. I cannot wait to attend the next course at Getpix. Thank you Roland for opening a new world for me.


Jennii (Beginner's Photography July)

Roland is an excellent instructor who was prepared for all the lessons. Learning how to use my camera and using it in manual for the action shots were the best part of the course.


Lucia (Beginner's Photography July)

I enjoyed portraiture and landscape the most. Thank you Roland for being an excellent instructor


Andrew (Beginner's Photography July)

I enjoyed Automotive the most thank you Roland.


Chantall Le Maitre (photoshoot)

The photo shoot was so much fun Mitchell made my family feel very comfortable.


Sarah (Claren's Feedback)

A fantastic photo opportunity to photograph amazing landscapes. The scenes set the mood for some outstanding HDR images that show the true beauty of Clarens.


Kevin (Claren's Feedback)

I loved my swim in the cold lake. I loved taking photos in the morning it was cold but fun.


Alex (Claren's Feedback)

Clarens was such an amazing experience because "our family" were together making new memories and taking thousands upon thousands of photos. I will cherish all the memories and the friendships made on that tour for a lifetime. The quad biking, hiking on a "flat hike" and Paula going around the circle seven times were the best experience.


Josua (Claren's Feedback)

I had the most amazing experience in Clarens with Getpix. It was cold but we all enjoyed it so much. The laughter never stopped no matter what.


Sam (Claren's Feedback)

I enjoyed seeing the sky filled with stars. I enjoyed all the places we went to and enjoyed being surrounded by the mountains.


Armand (Claren's Feedback)

I enjoyed the fun activities that we had to do. The accommodation where we stayed was beautiful. I enjoyed talking to everyone and getting to know everyone.


Mitchell (Claren's Feedback)

Clarens was a beautiful scene to shoot. The air was fresh, the stars were bright and the company was awesome. Clarens was fun.


Michaela (Claren's Feedback)

I got to face my two biggest fears. I got to bond with the other students and got to know them better. We learned how to work better in teams and on your own.


Lynette Glass (Facebook Workshop)

Candice is an excellent instructor; I now have more confidence to post what needs to be posted to promote by business.


Wendy Lottering (Facebook Workshop)

Candice was prepared and enthusiastic I have learnt the basic layout of Facebook and what it can do.


Vivienne Murray (Facebook Workshop)

I have learnt how to set up a business page and understand the difference between profiles, pages and groups.


Dirk van der Westhuizen (Paula Taking Photos for Wyda)

Paula made me feel so comfortable, she is amazing and so sweet. The photoshoot went great and I would come back.


Azraa Khan (Job Shadowing)

I enjoyed being able to sit in the lesson it was very cool. I think I am good for a job similar because I am creative and love doing graphic design work


Maura Costa (Job Shadowing),

What I enjoyed most about this experience was that I learnt more about what a videographer does and what opportunities there are for me.
I feel like I would be a good fit for the job because editing videos is where my passion lies


Michelle Harris (InDesign)

Jo is an excellent instructor, thank you for helping and showing me how to do the work. I enjoyed learning the animation module


Preston Family (Sarah Photoshoot Model)

Sarah was prepared, as it was our first family shoot it was so amazing and special for us Sarah spoke to us the whole time making us feel comfortable. Our family will definitely be back for more photo shoots


Thandeka (Video Editing October)

Dupie is a good instructor, I enjoyed creating my own video, it was an amazing experience.


Roxanne Barber (Beginner's Photography October 2016)

Thank You for having so much patience with us. Your passion for photography radiates of you. I look forward to your astrophotography pictures being posted onto the National Geographic Facebook page.


Konrad Rontgen (beginner's Photography October 2016)

After Dark photography was excellent. The homework Getpix gave us helped to understand more. Thank you Byron, you are excellent. You motivated me to learn more.


Lyn Romano (Videography October 2016)

I enjoyed the knowledge I gained over the 4 classes of the course, though the editing was a bit complex


Michelle Knott

I enjoyed having a different range of props and backgrounds. I had a lot of fun. Thank you.


Jolene Gascoyne (Still Life Photography September 2016)

I enjoyed using the reflective glass though the reflective products were a bit difficult to understand.


Vicki Shaw

I would like to give a huge thank you to yourself and Getpix for sponsoring the camera course for our Christmas in July function. We used it as a prize for guess the baubles on the Christmas tree competition. And the best person won- she won it for her aunt who is fanatical about photography and was desperate to win the prize! You will definitely have an enthusiastic student :)


Amy Ansel (Beginner's Photography August 2016)

I enjoyed the way Vanessa explained ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY. Though the metering topic was hard to understand.


Cathy Dooley (Beginner’s Photography August 2016)

I really enjoyed the action photography. Practice makes perfect as they say so that is certainly what I will do.


Michelle Knott (Beginner’s Photography August 2016)

I enjoyed the homework I received on this course and the critique which followed it. Everything was well explained and therefore easy to understand. ‘Great course, really enjoyed it. Thank you.


Jolene Gascoyne (Beginner's Photography August 2016)

I enjoyed my instructor's knowledge, her easy pace in teaching and her ability to make me feel at ease. The homework was hard. Action photography was a difficult topic for me to understand but I will continue to work at it. Thank you Vanessa, it has been a pleasure learning from you.


Grant Hewitt (Beginner’s Photography August 2016)

I really enjoyed learning about the camera itself and its different functions, like how to adjust shutter speed and the image aperture. The different techniques I was taught was also great. I got a bit stuck with when to correctly use the metering and I struggled to make sense of how far to adjust it. ‘Very enthusiastic and made the whole course more enjoyable. Creating interest in furthering skills and becoming a more active photographer.


Tarryn Human (Beginner’s Photography May 2016)

Morning Paula, Thank you so much for all your feedback from my last lesson. I will definitely keep at it and experiment more with my flash and night time photography. Thank you once again for a great course, I really learnt a lot!


Cariska Dicks (Product Photography May 2016)

I so enjoyed getting to know some of the fellow students’ better and work as a team to learn from each other. Paula has a wealth of knowledge and its always great to learn and understand the photography of a product.


Fiona Hanning (On Location Photography)

I really enjoyed the practical application on the On Location course with the Nelson Mandela Square being top priority. Shooting in a manual took time to grasp. I need more practice still. Byron, our instructor was very encouraging, supportive and knowledgeable.


Velophi Magwaywa (On Location Photography May 2016)

The field work was great. Byron was the best instructor I have ever come across. I heard about Getpix on the web.


Babazile Mbetse (On Location Photography May 2016)

My assignments helped me a lot, but the technical aspect was challenging for me. Getpix’s information was so insightful. I loved the practical side. Both of my instructors for both courses were professional and showed great passion and understanding of the course. My friend told me about Getpix.


Matsie Dikota (On Location Photography May 2016)

I loved learning how to take pictures of people in a limited time frame. Abstract photography is lovely. Taking pictures at night and learning manual focus took time to learn. Thank you- I feel a lot more capable of taking great pics. (actually making art). My overall experience at Getpix was just what I needed.


Cariska Dicks (Photojournalism May 2016)

Going out for the photojournalism outing to Maboneng was great practise. Paula is absolutely a book of knowledge and I truly enjoy her way of teaching.


Tarryn Human (Beginner's Photography May 2016)

I attended the beginner's photography course. The 3rd and 4th lesson of action and night time photography was my best and knowing which shutterspeed to use for the appropriate shots was tricky. I loved my experience at Getpix. Thank you for your time and patience.


Thabo (CorelDraw April 2016)

Jo was my instructor and she was excellent. The tracing functionality was really good and the pace was easy to follow.


Adel (Beginner's Photography March 2016)

Thank you for comments I will take them into consideration next time. I really enjoyed the course, thanks again.


Megan Bainton (1 Year Photography and Design Full Time Student 2015)

Hi P, Thank you for an amazing year, it was fantastic and I enjoyed every moment! I can’t thank you enough for building me as a photographer and person! Getpix Creative College really did amazing things for me. I appreciate it and hope to see you soon!


Irene Neyt

Thanks Paula for inspiring Rachel and giving her wings to fly. The awards function was absolutely wonderful. You and your team are amazing!


Sariette Griessel

Thank you very much for all the effort you put in this year. Sarize enjoyed it very much and it was just the right exposure to the world of photography. Now she knows that the she wants to make it a career and it's not just a hobby. You taught her so much about things like planning and how to handle a client etc. thank you so much for helping her, that's the kind of personal interest and help from your side that we appreciate so much. And that's is also what makes you the special person you are, you deeply care for the students and just want to help them to start their careers. A year at Getpix is just the way to kick off your career.


Debbie Gloster

Thank you so much Paula. I appreciate all your hard work, patience and effort that has gone into teaching Kirsty on the 1 year photographic and design course. I will keep you updated on Kirsty's progress and wish you and your team and business all the success in the world.


Cheri Webb (On Location Photography September 2015)

I found you on the website, I enjoyed Getpix's hands on experience, and guidance. Byron's knowledge was great. Byron is awesome, crazy and fun, he knows what he is doing.


Melissa Tyler (On Location Photography September 2015)

I loved going out and physically taking pictures, thank you for being easy going Byron and for being so helpful. I really enjoyed being taught by you a lot. Mandy Homes recommended that I come on the course.


Rowan Ambrose (Master Photoshop August 2015)

Thank you so much for allowing me to sit in on Advanced Photoshop, I really should have sat in on the Dummies as that's how I felt at times we will continue to attempt master layers etc. I was very impressed with your students and the level to which you have brought them to, and your compliments on their work {I am sure} inspired them to achieve even more in the more in the months ahead. Thank you once again for your patience.


Isabel Swanepoel (Beginner's Photography August 2015)

Rowan's passion for photography was amazing. We did night photography in the street it was the best of the whole course.


Brian Smith (Beginner's Photography August 2015)

The course was brilliant I loved all of it.


Lae Burger (Beginner's Photography August 2015)

My course notes helped a lot. Rowan was brilliant he helped me to figure out my camera, he made learning so much fun. Thank you for your jokes and patience.


Katleho Seisa (Beginner's Photography August 2015)

My instructor Sivu was excellent he covered Portraiture, Landscape, Action and After Dark. The night rating class was the best.


Tanya Lessing (Photoshop Workshop July 2015)

Brandon, my instructor was informative.


Charleen Cloete (Photoshop Workshop July 2015)

My instructor Brandon was excellent and easy to follow. My instructor was well prepared.


Maureen Botha (Photoshop Workshop July 2015)

I loved Brandon’s enthusiasm. Thank you for the hot chocolate!


Amber Rautenbach (Beginner's Course June 2015)

Thank you Vivienne for teaching me how to do landscape and after dark photography. I truly enjoyed this course.


Megan (Beginner’s Course June 2015)

I had such an amazing experience at Getpix. I really loved the after dark and action module.


Lizelle Houghton (Beginner’s Course June 2015)

I really enjoyed Vivienne’s class. I enjoyed learning how to use my camera to the fullest.


Kecia Barry (Beginner's Course June 2015)

My instructor was amazing. I really enjoyed receiving homework and there after the critique sessions that took place at the start of every lesson.


Trevor Tompson (Beginner's Photography May 2015)

I really enjoyed the after dark module. My instructor made the course interesting and was always willing to answer my questions.


Janette Tompson (Beginner’s Photography May 2015)

The night photography was the best. Instructor Rowan was well prepared for this course.


Thembile (Beginner’s Photography April 2015)

The action photography was the best.


Colleen Keys (Beginner's Photography April 2015)

My instructor Vanessa was brilliant. I enjoyed every aspect of the course.


Eddie (Beginner's Photography April 2015)

Learning how to take panoramas was most enjoyable.


Tsietsi (Beginner's Photography April 2015)

Getpix opened my eyes to photography.


Billy Pornolis (Beginner's Photography April 2015)

Vanes was well for this course.


Tebogo (Beginner's Photography April 2015)

Getpix I enjoyed the whole photographic experience.


Gordon Sneddon (Studio Course April 2015)

The course followed an easy pace. I found the model interaction different. I would like more information in studio hardware please.


Bianca Bornman (Studio Course April 2015)

I would like to attend a class with Andre as he shares great input and a different view to a picture.


Karen Irwin (Beginner’s Photography March 2015)

I enjoyed landscape photography the most.


Ashlyn (Beginner's Photography March 2015)

The after dark class was the best.


Celina (Beginner's Photography March 2015)

The practical components. Especially the night class, painting with lights was so amazing.


Triska Swanepoel (Beginner's Photography March 2015)

Sivu is an awesome instructor with a lot of knowledge us made us feel at home.


Sonja Kruger (Beginner's Photography February 2015)

Learning all the different settings on my camera was excellent. I really enjoyed the practicals outside.


Bianca Bornman (Beginner's Photography February 2015)


Ronelle Landsman (Beginner's Photography January 2015)

I loved taking the night photographs it was so exciting. I loved learning all the things my camera can do.


Elaine Jordaan (Beginner's Photography January 2015)

The practicals were helpful.


Pat Brits (Refresher Course February 2015)

Being able to ask Sivu questions as they arose was excellent.


Gordon Sneddon (Refresher Course January 2015)

The outdoor session helped me a lot.


Lwandano (Beginner’s Photography October 2014)

Taking different photos in different modes. It exposed the photography side I never knew


Zinzi Mankonkwa (Videography Course September 2014)

Holding the video camera with the knowledge provided by the instructor made videography fun.


Zinzi Mankonkwa (Photography Course August 2014)

Taking photographs. I saw a lot of beauty through the lens.


Andisiwe Hloma (Photography and videography August 2014)

Taking panorama pictures was the most exciting part. Taking photos and videos along the beach.


Quintin (Beginner's Photography July 2014)

Action photography and planning was best. I like Steve’s love for photography and the passion he teaches in.


Natalie Smith (Beginner’s Photography July 2014)

Steve's enthusiastic teaching and stories are brilliant. Thank you making the class fun! Always looked forward to Tuesday evening.


Erika Du Plessis (Beginner’s Photography July 2014)

The After Dark lesson and action module really helped. Thanks a lot Steve for a wonderful course, it was 'lekker'. Hope to you see on the next course.


Daniella Roussouw (Beginner's Photography June 2014)

Night photography was wow. Fantastic course! Thank you.


Charmaine Houvet (Beginner's Photography June 2014)

The outside activities were very beneficial. Vivienne is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Your instructor Vivienne has great energy and passion.


Ian Houvet (Beginner's Photography May 2014)

The night photography lesson was great. The course very good and inspiring.


Desiree Liebenberg (Beginner's Photography May 2014)

The practical parts of the course and the extra tips that Steve gave us were great. Thanks so much for teaching me in such a simple way and answering all my stupid questions. I will definitely come for another course with you.


Sam Van Niekerk (Beginner's Photography April 2014)

I enjoyed everything. Job well done Steve, I will be back.


Masha Singh (Beginner's Photography April 2014)

The night photography was most enjoyable. Steve made the course interesting and interactive.


Peta Vaughan (Beginner's Photography March 2014)

The last lesson when we did night photography was the best. We physically took photos under supervision. Thank you Andre, your knowledge of photography is amazing. Appreciate all the advice about camera parts as well.


Mini (Beginner's Photography March 2014)

Being able to do the course with the other students who were keen, helped a lot. You were right Andre, I learnt a lot and loved it.


Ettie Hough (Beginner's Photography March 2014)

The portraits and night photography modules were enjoyable. Andre's enthusiasm has an extremely positive on your approach to photography - he makes you want to learn more and to try and apply what you have learn. Thanks Andre, you’re the best.


Bronwyn Bester (Beginner's Photography February 2014)

Thank you for being honest and forward about what photography is about also getting us motivated to do and enjoy it.


Lauren Lewis (Beginner's Photography February 2014)

Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us and making the lessons fun. You motivated me to always better myself and always made me feel good about my work regardless of how bad I thought it was. Your positive attitude and critique made me feel comfortable and willing to try new things. I would love to do more classes with you! I have learnt a lot.


Rob Brewer (Beginner's Photography February 2014)

Rowan was great, always willing to impact knowledge to all of us.


Melissa (Beginner's Photography February 2014)

Thank you for all the extra help and assistance.


Natalie Reynolds (Beginner's Photography February 2014)

Rowan - thank you for sharing your experience with us.


Nicole Kruger (Beginner's Photography February 2014)

Thank you Rowan so much for all your patience, hard work, preparation and extra info/tips.


Verne Furstenburg (Beginner's Photography February 2014)

I enjoyed Steve's willingness to cover things again not understood fully as well as enthusiasm.


Charlene Gerber (Studio December 2013)

Awesome instructor, glad I keep getting him with his bubbly personality on all courses.


Suzanne Morshead (Christmas Lights Outing December 2013)

Thank you Paula, I learned a lot!


Leanne Parker (Beginner’s Photography November 2013)

Good morning Getpix people! Last night I completed my last class in beginner’s photography, and I’m missing it already! A big big thank you to Steve. I would never have learnt all that on my own, the lessons were invaluable and I will never go back to the idiot modes again I am well and truly a manual girl now!


Melissa Absil (Beginner's Photography November 2013)

I had a great time yester morning on my Beginner's Course - thank you Rowan. And although it was a lot to absorb on the first day, I can honestly say that I learnt quite a bit. I also intend on doing a lot of practising before our next session, and will print out and go through the Canon 10D manual to further familiarize myself with the features I have learnt so far. Thank you for the additional information, I really appreciate it.


Stephanie Vengethasamy (Awards Evening November 2013)

Thanks to Paula, Clarissa and Michelle for such an amazing evening you put together for us. Really had fun and thanks for the awesome awards and the chance to go to Kenya.


Suzanne Morshead (Awards Evening November 2013)

Getpix you were such sweeties for giving us an abstract woman with red luscious lips, high heels and a tattoo that was reconnecting with nature! Don’t forget the goggas with the paint and stationary which was very weird and wacky but at least our open skyline is in Africa, not such a rotten place! You gave us all food for thought and had us running around in circles and squares to take photos of all things great and small which truly ended up being bright and beautiful... thank you!


Les Green (Awards Evening November 2013)

Thank you Paula and Clarissa, for what was simply a great awards evening last night ... congrats to each and every one of the finalists and winners.


Christa Van Rooyen (Awards Evening November 2013)

Thank you Paula, Clarissa and the rest of the Getpix team for a lovely evening. So much fun was had by all. interesting to put faces to names. See you all next year.


Armand Cilliers (Awards Evening November 2013)

Shooting the Getpix Awards Dinner at the Kopanong Hotel in Benoni... very interesting and fun ... well done to the winner, Getpix and Kopanong for making it a wonderful evening.


Steven Butler (Awards Evening November 2013)

Thank you Getpix ... was awesome!


Charles Paddock (Awards Evening November 2013)

Congrats on a well presented function. I am so excited about the certificate I received for high heels, I am now determined to go full out next year's challenges, I want at least two first prizes. Once again, thank you for a lovely evening, it was a real eye opener for me.


Armand Cilliers (Studio Photography - Benoni October 2013)

I enjoyed the model shoot, high key and high contrast.


Charlene Garber (Beginner's Photography - Benoni)

Steve made me comfortable, I was happy to ask questions and even if I don't understand straight away he was patient and recapped happily. The After Dark long exposures techniques most definitely was the best.


John Barkuisen (Photoshop Essentials - Benoni October 2013)

Thank you and job well done. The flexibility of my instructor Jo allowed me to enjoy the course.


Anita (Photoshop Essentials October 2013)

Thank you Jo you are excellent.


Vicky Finnemore (Beginne's Photography - Benoni October 2013)

Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.


Mo Hope (St Lucia Committee)

Without lectures of your calibre, we all would certainly not learn as much at congress. Thank you again for your participation, we would have been poorer without you being here.


Mashilo Kubyana (Videography - Benoni September 2013)

Andre you are the best and motivating instructor. The practical part of the video shoot was the best.


Kgaogelo Kubyana (Videography - Benoni September 2013)

Great work and in depth knowledge on videography I never read the manual as the instructor was excellent and provided enough information. Thank you for the commitment Getpix.


Craig (Beginner's Photography - Benoni September 2013)

An awesome instructor. I hope I get along with Andre. I definitely learnt more than I knew.


Claudette Botha (Beginner's Photography- Benoni September 2013)

Andre thank you so much for making learning so easy and fun, will miss you every Wednesday.


Elize Van Rooyen (Beginner's Photography - Benoni August 2013)

The presentation from both Paula and Andre was excellent, and practical sessions were beneficial.


Tracey Haw (August 2013)

The wedding was hectic like we expected. The thing I am so grateful for learning was not to promise anything and if the bride is late then so be it. Again thanks for the support!


Gail Zaaiman (August 2013)

The wedding went well. Tracey and I have looked at the images and are very happy with our photo's. I'm sure we have captured the whole day and have some stunning photo's. the day was very longand busy but we coped very well. Thanks for the thinking of us, your support means a lot.


Edah Banda (Beginner's Photography August 2013)

I loved taking photos outside, Paula was amazing.


Brigitte (Beginner's Photography - Benoni August 2013)

I enjoyed the course and the instructor.


Ann Mc Clelland (Beginner’s Photography - Benoni July 2013)

Clarissa was always able to answer my many questions. She is very patient when I made note after note. Clarissa you are a star! I loved the course because you made it easy for me to understand. Thank you.


Sharron (Beginner’s Photography - Benoni July 2013)

I am so enthusiastic. The homework became all consuming.


Martin (Beginner's Photography - Benoni July 2013)

Thanks for making the course funand exciting Vanessa.


Guy Young (Beginner's Photography - Benoni)

It was a very good course, will definitely be back.


Carla (Beginner's Photography - Benoni July 2013)

Baie baie dankie vir als. Jy is great en maak my net soveel meer excited om meer te doen.


Wreford Beere (Beginner's Photography - Benoni July 2013)

I had an awesome time. I will be coming back. I'm recommending Vanessa.


Susan Nel (Studio Photography - Benoni August 2013)

Shooting in the studio with Vanessa and her outspoken personality was brilliant. Thank you for making us feel at comfort and giving us advice.

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